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Sock addiction

I do love knitting socks these two pairs will be up for grabs at my next fair hoping to have quite a few more by November! 



Socks and sewing

Been ages but I have not been idle! As I seem to spend a lot of timing knitting socks and ordering yarn on the Internet thought it time I dusted off my sewing skills and decided to make some project bags, here are the first two! (I plan to make quite a few more ) these will be something to offer at the craft fairs other than woolly items!



At last a new post!



It been too long since my last post…no excuse….but I vow to keep more up to date from now on! That is if anyone is still out there!
I have become addicted to indie dyed yarns and knitting fingerless mittens, which is a bit odd as we have been having beautiful hot weather for weeks now!
I have booked up a few new dates for fairs end of the year (check out my dates page) so hopefully all this mitten knitting will be worth it!
My next job is to redo my gallery page…..watch this space!
Till the nxt time x