Last post of 2014

These were my christmas knit, I won the yarn in an instagram giveaway competition from lovely ‘Thecryptozoologist’ check her out on Etsy fabulous yarns and colourways



Project bags

Over the last six weeks I have been learning how to screen print and this is the result! I really loved the course and am planning on carrying on…..I have printed two different sizes with my own design one is perfect for a sock or mitten project and one for maybe a cowl or a project using straight needles. I have already sold a couple as yarn tidies! Just contact me if you would like one and I will give you details, not many colours yet but hopefully more in the pipeline!




At last a new post!



It been too long since my last post…no excuse….but I vow to keep more up to date from now on! That is if anyone is still out there!
I have become addicted to indie dyed yarns and knitting fingerless mittens, which is a bit odd as we have been having beautiful hot weather for weeks now!
I have booked up a few new dates for fairs end of the year (check out my dates page) so hopefully all this mitten knitting will be worth it!
My next job is to redo my gallery page… this space!
Till the nxt time x